Australia Unit Review Question Preview (ID: 35848)

Review Of 6th Grade Australia GPS Standards.

Australia's economy is closest to
a) command
b) traditional
c) market

What is Aboriginal Dreamtime?
a) A time when Aborigines believe spirits created the earth.
b) A time when Aborigines believe the spirits killed all people.
c) A time when Aborigines believe you get the best sleep.
d) A time when Aborigines were told their culture would be destroyed.

The discovery of what caused the population of Australia to soar in the 1850's?
a) sheep
b) coal
c) gold
d) Aborigines

What is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock?
a) Dreamtime
b) Aloorue
c) Uluru
d) Stone Mountain

Where did Aborigines come from 20,000 to 40,000 years ago?
a) Africa
b) Europe
c) North America
d) Asia

What is a parliamentary democracy?
a) When people vote for the head of government and the legislature.
b) When people vote for the members of parliament (MP's), and parliament chooses the head of government
c) When people do not get to vote.
d) When people vote for the head of government, but not the legislature

Australia was first colonized by prisoners. This made it a what?
a) penal colony
b) free colony
c) religious colony
d) naval colony

Who takes the Queen's place when she is not in Australia?
a) no one
b) governor-general
c) president
d) governor

What is the large area of dry, desert land in Australia?
a) Great Barrier Reef
b) Outback
c) Ayers Rock
d) Great Prairie

Australia has a government where the states and national government share power. This makes it what?
a) federal
b) unitary
c) confederation
d) democratic

Who is the Head of State of Australia?
a) monarchy (queen or king)
b) president
c) prime minister
d) governor

What is a constitutional monarchy?
a) A country with a king or queen that can do anything they want.
b) A country without a king or queen.
c) Country with a king or queen that has to follow the rules and laws of a country.
d) A country with a prime minter and a president.

Who is the head of government in Australia?
a) chancellor
b) monarchy (queen or king)
c) prime minister
d) president

What was the worst thing that happened to the Aborigines as a result of Europeans?
a) forced to learn English
b) died of diseases
c) forced to be Christian
d) gained a lot of land

Which physical feature is located in the center of Australia?
a) Ayers Rock
b) Outback
c) Great Victoria Desert
d) Stone Mountain

Who were the native people of Australia?
a) British
b) Portuguese
c) Aborigines
d) Aztecs

If you do not vote in Australia, what happens?
a) you must go to jail
b) nothing
c) you must pay a fine
d) you get deported

What does the Commonwealth of Nations support?
a) improved education
b) improved environment
c) democracy
d) all of these

What hunting weapon did the Aborigines invent?
a) boomerang
b) sling shot
c) gun
d) axes

Who is the head of the Commonwealth of Nations?
a) King George III
b) Queen Elizabeth II
c) King Charles
d) Prince William

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