Biological Organization And Body Systems 1 Question Preview (ID: 35797)

A Brief Review Of Biological Organization, Organs, Organ Systems And Their Functions.

Blood is what type of tissue?
a) Connective
b) Epithelial
c) Nervous
d) Muscular

Smooth, Skeletal, and Cardiac are examples of which type of tissue?
a) Muscle
b) Nervous
c) Epithelial
d) Connective

Which system is responsible for moving nutrients and oxygen throughout the body?
a) Circulatory
b) Lymphatic
c) Endocrine
d) Respiratory

Why does the stomach need to be made of muscle tissue?
a) So it can churn the food and help break it dow
b) So liquids do not pool in the intestine
c) To give the body strength in the middle.
d) To help the heart pump blood containing food to the body.

Which organ system transfers gases into and out of the blood?
a) Respiratory
b) Lymphatic
c) Skeletal
d) Nervous

The lungs are composed of tiny sacs that fill with air during breathing. How does this tissue help the lungs do their job?
a) it allows air to contact a large surface
b) it allows the lungs to produce more blood.
c) It allows the lung to pump the air
d) it allows muscles to open and close them.

How do the chambers of the heart and valves between them affect the circulatory system?
a) They control the flow of blood to different parts of the body
b) They create new blood cells than travel to body tissues
c) They store the blood for the times when it is needed.
d) They allow blood to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

The lining of the stomach is an example of which level of organization in the body?
a) Tissue
b) Organ
c) Cell
d) Organ System

In a dog's body, which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of organization?
a) Bone tissue, bone cell, femur, skeleton, dog
b) Dog, skeleton, femur, bone tissue, bone cell
c) Skeleton, bone tissue, bone cell, dog, femur
d) Bone cell, bone tissue, femur (thigh bone), skeleton, dog

Which body system allows movement?
a) Muscular system
b) Respiratory system
c) Integumentary system
d) Reproductive system

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