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During an experiment on plant growth students kept track of how tall each plant was for six weeks. What are these height measurements?
a) conclusions
b) predictions
c) inferences
d) observations

What happens to living things when the physical environment changes?
a) They adapt or die.
b) They all survive.
c) They all move to a new ecosystem.
d) They change the physical resources.

What is an ecosystem?
a) one individual in an environment
b) the living things in an environment
c) the nonliving things in an environment
d) the nonliving and living things in an environment

What tool do you need to use bacteria?
a) glasses
b) magnifying glass
c) microscope
d) telescope

Which of the following is not an adaptation?
a) changing skin color through camoflauge
b) migrating to a warmer climate
c) learning to open trash cans
d) pollinating flowering plants

How does pollination help plants?
a) with growth
b) with repoduction
c) with gathering sunlight
d) with accommodations

Which of the following is not a way mircoorganisms benefit humans?
a) helping to digest food
b) providing shelter
c) providing medicine
d) making oxygen

Which group has the greatest number of different kinds of organisms?
a) community
b) individual
c) organism
d) population

Which of the following is a microorganism?
a) deer
b) grass
c) mold
d) oak tree

Which environment or group includes only one kind of living thing?
a) biome
b) community
c) ecosystem
d) population

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