Sonata For Harp And Bicycle Question Preview (ID: 35771)

Quiz For Sonata For Harp And Bicycle.

How did Jason break the Grimes Building curse?
a) He married Miss Golden
b) He married Miss Bell
c) He jumped off the fire escape to his death
d) He jumped off the fire escape using the parachute

What did Jason get from his friend in the Royal Air Force?
a) Roses and wine
b) A picnic basket
c) Military boots
d) A parachute

What did Jason bring with him to the Grimes Building?
a) Roses and wine
b) A gun and holy water
c) a picnic
d) a bicycle and harp

Why did Jason return to the Grimes Building after working hours?
a) Miss Heron asked him to meet her there
b) To discover the building's secret
c) He was a certified ghost hunter
d) Miss Golden had been kidnapped

Why did Heron kill himself?
a) He thought Miss Golden knew off the affair
b) He thought Daisy's husband found out about them
c) He thought Daisy betrayed him
d) He found out he had only days to live

How did William Heron die?
a) He fell off the fire escape
b) He was pushed off the fire escape
c) He jumped off the fire escape
d) The story doesn't say how he died

What is the name of the ghost watchman?
a) Jason Ashgrove
b) William Heron
c) William Ashgrove
d) He didn't have a name

How did Miss Golden know Jason stayed in the building after 5:00 pm?
a) He died of fright
b) He can no longer speak
c) He told her that he did
d) His hair turned gray

What is the name of the harp teacher ghost?
a) Daisy Golden
b) Daisy Bell
c) Joan Aiken
d) Jason Ashgrove

The secret Miss Golden tell Mr. Ashgrove is about what?
a) A bicycle and a harp
b) A file cabinet
c) The building bathrooms
d) Miss Golden's car

What is the setting of the story?
a) Empire State Building
b) Big Ben
c) Sears Tower
d) Grimes Building

Who is Jason Ashgrove's assistant?
a) Daisy Bell
b) He doesn't have an assistant
c) Miss Golden
d) William Heron

Who is the author?
a) John Aiken
b) Joan Aiken
c) Jane Poe
d) Jim Allen

Who is the protagonist?
a) Jason Ashgrove
b) Miss Golden
c) Joan Aiken
d) Daisy Bell

How did Daisy Bell die?
a) From a broken heart
b) From poisoned wine
c) Mr Heron killed her
d) She starved to death

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