CH 10 Rise Of Christianity Question Preview (ID: 35770)

Test Review.

What happened after the Jews rebelled against the Romans in A.D. 132?
a) Jews were welcomed into Jerusalem
b) Jews were banned from Rome
c) Jews were banned from Jerusalem
d) Jews were destroyed

During the Last Supper, Jesus
a) fought the Jews
b) celebrated Passover
c) gave up
d) was crucified

How did early Christians organize the church
a) through fighting
b) as a hierarchy
c) torture
d) missionaries

The Zealots were Jews who believed
a) should join the Romans
b) should join the monasteries
c) should fight the Romans
d) should ban the apostles

The Eastern Orhodox Church, icons were
a) once forbidden
b) celebrated
c) destroyed
d) replaced

_______________ was an Roman emperor who ended the persecution of Christians.
a) Patrick
b) Laozi
c) Constantine
d) Confuscious

The Basilian Rule was a list of rules for
a) Jews
b) apostles
c) missionaries
d) Eastern Orthodox religious life

Byzantines believe that their emperor
a) represented evil on earth
b) represented Jesus Christ on earth
c) represented the Zealots
d) represented the Jews

Christians believed that if people accept Jesus and his teachings they will
a) be saved and enter heaven
b) live forever
c) suffer
d) be crucified

Two of the most successful Byzantine missionaries were
a) Patrick and Paul
b) Methodus and Patrick
c) Methodus and Paul
d) Cyril and Methodus

_____________ issued in A.D. 313 giving religious freedom to all people.
a) Twelve Tables
b) Edict of Milan
c) Basilian Rule
d) Missionaries

Rome's punishment of political rebels and lower-class criminals was
a) hanging
b) stoning
c) crucifixion
d) decapitation

A __________________ is a religious community of monks.
a) monastery
b) convent
c) nunery
d) catechism

___________________ is the capital of the ancient kingdom of Israel.
a) Galilee
b) Bethlehem
c) Rome
d) Jerusalem

Early Christian leaders who set up churches were known as
a) Jews
b) apostles
c) icons
d) Zealots

___________________ was a priest who brought Christianity to Ireland.
a) David
b) Paul
c) Cyruil
d) Patrick

Regular church members are known as
a) laity
b) apostles
c) Jews
d) priests

The bishop of Rome is also called the
a) Savior
b) Creator
c) leader
d) pope

_____________ are images honored by some Christians of Jesus, Mary, or saints
a) Pictures
b) Icons
c) Snapshot
d) Drawings

The region just north of Judaea is
a) Jerusalem
b) Rome
c) Galilee
d) Israel

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