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a) You must stream gently down the river in that yak.
b) Yakkedy yak, don't talk back Jack
c) A yak? what part of the animal kingdom does it belong to?
d) Oh what cute a kitty. It is such a yak!

a) I love strawberries, but I can not eat them as they are a staple to my health.
b) Rice is a staple in the diet of many cultures.
c) Entertainment is an unimportant staple of survival.
d) The lights hurt my eyes. It makes them feel like a staple is stuck within.

a) In view of their traditional values, Muslims pray five times a day facing Mecca
b) The rock bands introduced new traditional tunes.
c) Did you see the updated graphics on the XBOX 360? They are truly traditional.
d) The moves of that wrestler are completely unheard of and traditional.

a) Morrow Mountain is an immense mountain range towering 930 feet.
b) The amount of water in North Carolina is quite immense. There are tons of lakes.
c) The population of that town is immense. 22 people live there.
d) I can swim in the most immense depths of water. My record is 6 feet five inches under.

a) There is a throng of people in here so you should have no trouble finding a seat.
b) It\'s not crowded at all. There\'s only a throng of sheep the shepherd has to take care of.
c) 250 people in this one tiny classroom. What a throng of people!!!!
d) It was a throng of two honeybees that stung me.

a) My paycheck is exactly the amount I agreed to. That\'s quite perplexing!
b) How perplexing? I have no clue what the answer to this question is.
c) Tatyan was perplexed about the answers to Friday\'s vocabulary quiz. She got a 100!
d) I am perplexed as to how we are going to win this game. We are already up 40.

a) She had not heard my side of the story so I recounted it for her again.
b) The third quarter is soon ending. I need recounted to me what my grade is going to be.
c) Asked for the first time, Jeff recounted his answer from before.
d) I recounted my steps in an effort to retrieve my lost debit card.

a) They exuberantly attended the funeral of their brave fallen hero
b) Dan held his head down in exuberance after failing to win the lottery yet again.
c) Mike was exuberant as he looked at his beautiful bride walking down the aisle.
d) I was exuberant when I was told that I must turn my house over to the bank.

a) An armed revolt defeated the meager government forces
b) My house was beautifully remodeled and now is in meager condition.
c) 81 points, what a meager effort by Kobe Bryant
d) Ms. Brinkley just tripled my salary. How meager a thing of her to do!!!

a) What a cumbersome challenge for the Blue Devils. They squashed the Tar Heels 82-50.
b) My shoes are absolutely cumbersome. They fit perfectly.
c) Let's go pick some of them cumbersomes out of the garden.
d) Mr. Muck, my desk is too cumbersome for me to lift. Can you help me please?

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