CH 10 Continued Question Preview (ID: 35769)

This Is My Second Test Continued.

The southernmost country in Atlantic South America is
a) Chile
b) Argentina
c) Brazil
d) Venezuela

Argentina's informal economy is based on
a) doctors
b) geographers
c) odd jobs
d) farmers

The first people who lived in Brazil were _____________________________.
a) Europeans
b) Canadians
c) American Indians
d) African Americans

A wide grassy plains in central Argentina are called _________________.
a) Patagonia
b) Pampas
c) plateaus
d) Atacama

A _________________ is a giant urban area including surrounding cities and suburbs.
a) megacity
b) metropolis
c) megalopolitan
d) borough

The largest country is South America is
a) Argentina
b) Chile
c) Venezuela
d) Brazil

The World's largest river system is
a) Missouri
b) Parana River
c) Amazon
d) Orinoco

Brazil's two largest cities are
a) Sao Paula and Rio de Janeiro
b) Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia
c) Sao Paula and Montevideo
d) Brasilia and Montevideo

One aspect of Brazilian life that reflects its mix of cultures is ____________________
a) joropo
b) parilla
c) celebration of Carnival
d) Macumba

___________________ is a country with the largest population of Roman Catholics in the world.
a) Argentina
b) Paraguay
c) Uruguay
d) Brazil

__________________ is a religion that combines beliefs and practices of African and Indian religions with Christianity.
a) Roman Catholic
b) Islam
c) Macumba
d) Mercosur

About __________ of Uruguay's people live in urban areas
a) 90%
b) 50%
c) 30%
d) 10%

The only landlocked country in Atlantic South America is
a) Uruguay
b) Paraguay
c) Argentina
d) Brazil

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