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Review Game.

The northern and coastal areas of Atlantic South America have mostly
a) dry, desert
b) cool, moist
c) tropical, moist
d) steppe, dry

A partially enclosed body of water where salt water and freshwater mix
a) Mercosur
b) Manaus
c) parilla
d) estuary

A low plains region in Paraguay and Argentina
a) Amazon Basin
b) Gran Chaco
c) Patagonia
d) the Pampas

Huge slums in Brazil
a) gauchos
b) Pampas
c) favelas
d) estuary

A major port and industrial city in the Amazon region
a) Mercosur
b) Amazon
c) Sao Paulo
d) Manaus

Completely surrounded by land
a) estuary
b) landlocked
c) gauchos
d) favelas

The capital of Uruguay
a) Brasilia
b) Montevideo
c) Rio de Janeiro
d) Manaus

Argentine cowboys are also known as
a) gauchos
b) icons
c) favelas
d) farmers

The capital of Brazil is
a) Montevideo
b) Sao Paulo
c) Brasilia
d) Manaus

Argentina's culture has been mostly influenced by
a) Native Ameicans
b) Japanese
c) Europeans
d) Africans

The Amazon region covers the __________ part of Brazil
a) northern
b) southern
c) eastern
d) western

Dams on some of the region's rivers are used to provide
a) hydroelectric power
b) wind power
c) solar power
d) nuclear power

Planting the same crop year after year has caused
a) erosion
b) deforestation
c) soil conservation
d) soil exhaustion

A region of dry plains and plateaus in southern Argentina
a) Patagonia
b) Pampas
c) Manaus
d) Macumba

An organization that promotes trade among countries of South America
a) Manaus
b) Mercosur
c) Pampas
d) Carnival

___________ includes grilled sausage and steak which is a popular Argentina dish.
a) Pizza
b) Creole
c) Parilla
d) Sardines

About ____________ of Uruguayans are mestizos.
a) 50%
b) 25%
c) 75%
d) 12%

Brazil gained independence from Portugal in _________ without a fight or war.
a) 1822
b) 1900
c) 1842
d) 1800

_______________ has become an issue in the Amazon rain forest in recent years.
a) Erosion
b) Soil conversation
c) Soil exhaustion
d) Deforestation

The Amazon Basin is a ________________.
a) large plateau
b) small floodplain
c) giant floodplain
d) tropical forest

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