Energy And Resources Review Question Preview (ID: 35759)

This Game Is To Prepare Students For Their Upcoming Energy And Resources Test.

What is the other name for radiant energy?
a) chemical
b) light
c) electrical
d) mechanical

The Sun’s energy begins as what form of energy?
a) nuclear Energy
b) Chemical energy
c) radiant energy
d) mechanical energy

The energy in lightning is a form of...
a) sound energy
b) electrical energy
c) nuclear energy
d) chemical energy

What does your body convert into energy?
a) water
b) skin
c) hair
d) food

When you light a fireplace, the chemical energy changes into which form of energy?
a) mechanical
b) nuclear
c) electrical
d) heat

What is the other name for heat energy?
a) nuclear
b) mechanical
c) radiant
d) thermal

What type of energy does the windmill use to do work?
a) electrical
b) mechanical
c) chemical
d) nuclear

Which fossil fuel is used to produce gasoline?
a) coal
b) petroleum
c) propane
d) natural gas

Which of the following is an example of something that stores chemical energy?
a) a battery
b) a microwave
c) an electric lamp
d) the sun

What type of energy does the windmill use to do work?
a) chemical energy to thermal energy
b) mechanical energy to electrical energy
c) thermal energy to mechanical energy
d) thermal energy to electrical energy

Energy generated from water being held in a dam is an example of what type of  energy source?
a) solar
b) hydropower
c) geothermal
d) wind

If coal is used to heat a school building, then the amount of air pollution around the building will increase. What is the dependent variable in this experiment?
a) amount of air pollution
b) types of resources
c) type of pollution
d) amount of coal used

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