Civic Ch 1 Review Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 35751)

Use Your Notes.

What are the 2 fast growing regions in the US in terms of population?
a) North and South
b) South and West
c) East and West
d) North and East

What is the majority religion in the US?
a) jewish
b) buddhism
c) baptist
d) christian

How has our population changed over the years?
a) more women in the workforce
b) slaves work for money now
c) most jobs are on the farms
d) we have a manufacturing job force

How were African Americans brought to the US?
a) enslaved to work for rich people
b) with work visas for only 1 year
c) with their families to own farms
d) by ship to make a better life for themsevles

When were the first African American slaves brought over?
a) 1500
b) 1776
c) 1619
d) 1950

Which of the following shows the correct order of the populations of ethnic groups from greatest to least in the US?
a) European, Hispanic, African American, Asian
b) Hispanic, European, African American, Asian
c) European, African American, Asian, Hispanic
d) Asian, African American, Hispanic, European

Which level of government can take citizenship away or grant it?
a) federal
b) state
c) local
d) township

What nation had the first immigrants to the USA?
a) italy
b) england
c) france
d) spain

TRUE OR FALSE: When parents take the Oath of allegiance, any of their children become US citizens as well as long as they are under the age of 18.
c) not really
d) kind of

TRUE or FALSE: Citizens can give up their citizenship, but they can get it back later if they want
c) kind of - not really
d) it depends

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