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The Republic Of TX.

Who was elected as President of Texas in 1836?
a) Stephen F. Austin
b) Davy Crockett
c) Sam Houston
d) Mirabeau Lamar

What was a nickname given to Mirabeau Lamar
a) Father of Education
b) Father of Texas
c) Father of Colleges
d) Redback Daddy

What were the 2 major reasons that the US did not want to annex Texas?
a) Texas was a slave state and they didn't want to anger Mexico
b) Texas was in too much debt and they didn't want to anger Mexico
c) Texas was a free state and they didn't want to anger Mexico
d) Texas was too big and they didn't want to anger Mexico

What was the first term for the US to annex Texas?
a) Texans must approve annexation and write a state constitution
b) Texans should pay all of states debts
c) Texas must be divided into 5 states
d) Texans must approve an end to slavery in Texas

Give two ways that Sam Houston tried to lower the TX debt during his second term.
a) reduced the size of the navy and eliminated government positions
b) created more government jobs and increased taxes
c) reduced the size of the navy and printed redbacks
d) printed redbacks and set aside 18,000 acres for public schools and colleges

Name the war that happened when Houston ordered the government documents moved from Austin to Houston.
a) The Council House Fight
b) The Archives War
c) The Archives Council Fight

Name the new governor of the state of Texas in 1846
a) J. Polk
b) Anson Jones
c) J. Pickney Henderson
d) Stephen F. Austin

What does Manifest Destiny mean?
a) The idea that the US should annex TX
b) The idea that the US should expand to all of North America
c) The idea that TX should forever be it's own country
d) The idea the US should expand all the way to the Pacific Ocean

How were the Texas prisoners chosen to die after their failed escape from the Mexican prison?
a) roll of a dice
b) Drawing beans out of a jar
c) Drawing of straws
d) every other man in line

Who was General Woll?
a) Santa Anna's brother in law
b) Texan General who invaded Mier
c) Mexican General who attacked the Alamo
d) Mexican General that occupied San Antonio in 1842

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