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Complete the sentence: When he heard Lazarus was sick, Jesus said that Lazarus's sickness would not end in __________
a) resurrection
b) Bethany
c) death
d) this lifetime

In what town did Lazarus live? He was also raised from the dead here.
a) Jerusalem
b) Bethany
c) Cana
d) Nazareth

Lazarus had two sisters who cared a great deal for him; what were their names?
a) Elizabeth and Anna
b) Mary and Elizabeth
c) Mary and Martha
d) Martha and Elizabeth

Lazarus' sisters sent Jesus a message telling him that their brother was sick; what did Jesus do after he received this message?
a) He left to help them immediately
b) He waited two days before going to them
c) He was so busy that he didn't arrive for a week
d) He arrived four days after he got the message

When Jesus arrived at Lazarus' town, one of his sisters came out to see Jesus and made a statement. Jesus talked with this sister a bit and then the other sister saw Jesus, fell at his feet, and made the very same statement! What did both say?
a) Help me Master, I grieve so.
b) Welcome Lord, I have missed you.
c) Will my brother be welcome into your kingdom?
d) Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.

What does Jesus do in verse John 11:35?
a) He wept.
b) He groaned.
c) He prayed.
d) He knelt.

Jesus asked where the body of Lazarus had been laid. Jesus then asked for the stone to be rolled back. One of Lazarus' sisters, unaware of the miracle soon to come, protested? What did she say?
a) The stone was too heavy to roll.
b) They should let her poor brother rest in peace.
c) it violated Jewish law to disturb the dead.
d) The smell would be terrible

After the stone was rolled away, Jesus looked up to heaven and prayed. Then, what did Jesus shout?
a) Lazarus, come out!
b) I resurrect thee.
c) Arise, and wake from the dead.
d) Through God's grace, Lazarus, you live.

When Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been in the tomb for
a) 2 days
b) 3 days
c) 4 days
d) 33 days

Complete the sentence: Jesus told her, I am the _______________ and the life.
a) greatest
b) answer
c) resurrection
d) Father

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