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Climate zone is an area that has similar average temperatures and precipitation throughout.
a) True
b) False

Latitude the imaginary line that divides Earth into it's northern and southern
a) True
b) False

What does a barometer measure?
a) Wind speed
b) Humidity
c) Air pressure
d) None of the above

What is the Equator?
a) An imaginary line that divides Earth into Northern and Southern regions
b) It is not a thing
c) Separates the Sun from Earth
d) None of the obove

Evaporation is the first step in the water cycle
a) True
b) False

What step is precipitation?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Where do Cirrus clouds form?
a) around mountains
b) over the ocean
c) near the ground
d) at high elevations

Scientists study many factors that allow them to predict weather. Which factor most directly affects the movement of air?
a) air pressure
b) relative humidity
c) precipitation
d) temperature

Where in a tropical climate are you most likely to find cooler weather and snow?
a) at sea level near a cold ocean current
b) at the base of a mountain range that blocks air flow
c) at the top of a tall mountain

What is the changing of a liquid to a gas?
a) Water cycle.
b) Transpiration.
c) Evaporation.
d) Condensation.

What is wind?
a) The weight of the atmosphere.
b) Moving air.
c) High air pressure.
d) Warm air.

What does latitude mean?
a) a measure of how far North or South a place is from the equator
b) imaginary line that divides Earth into it's northern and southern
c) an area that has similar average temapertures and precipitation

Which is NOT a form of precipitation?
a) Hail.
b) Sleet.
c) Wind.
d) Snow.

What is another name for the water cycle?
a) Rain cycle.
b) Hydrologic cycle.
c) Waterlog.
d) Atmosphere.

What percent of the world's surface is covered in water?
a) Blue.
b) About 1.23456789%
c) About 90%
d) About 75%

Which is NOT a water source?
a) A river.
b) A lamppost.
c) A lake.
d) A glacier.

What is weather?
a) When it's warm outside.
b) The amount of moisture in the air.
c) What the atmosphere is like at a given time or place.
d) The temperature outside.

What's the atmosphere?
a) A mixture of gasses that surround Earth.
b) Rain.
c) The changing of a liquid to a gas.
d) The changing of a gas to a liquid.

What is precipitation?
a) Water that falls from clouds.
b) A change of a gas into a liquid.
c) The change of a liquid to a gas.
d) A mixture of gases.

What is the water cycle?
a) The process which water moves between Earth's surface and the atmosphere.
b) A river.
c) The amount of water in a water source.
d) What a baker uses to measure how much liquid goes into his banana bread.

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