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The burning of fossil fuels releases large amounts of ____ into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming.
a) carbon dioxide
b) sulfur dioxide
c) calcium carbonate
d) carbon monoxide

A short-term period of climatic change caused by regular variations in daylight, temperature, and weather patterns is called a(n) ___________.
a) season
b) El Nino
c) climatology
d) ice age

An average increase in Earth's temperature is referred to as ____________.
a) global warming
b) a desert
c) a lie
d) greenhouse effect

___________ are time periods when much of Earth's land is covered by glaciers.
a) Ice ages
b) Anti-greenhouse ages
c) Maunder minimums
d) Interglacial ages

Which of the following could explain why Earth's climate changes naturally?
a) Variations in solar activity
b) All of these
c) Volcanic eruptions
d) Changes in Earth's orbit and/or axial tilt

What are the two main sources from which Earth receives energy?
a) sun and atmosphere
b) sun and Earth's core
c) oceans and atmosphere
d) sun and oceans

What is the process by which Earth's atmosphere retains heat energy causing an increase in surface temperature?
a) greenhouse effect
b) El Nino
c) Maunder minimum
d) global warming

What gas, located in Earth's stratosphere and blocks harmful UV radiation, is being depleted by pollutants?
a) ozone
b) nitrogen
c) oxygen
d) methane

Which of the following have scientists observed taking place in the last 100 years?
a) rise in sea level
b) All of these
c) melting glacial ice
d) average increase in Earth's temperature.

Which of the following is NOT a productive way to reduce the emission of harmful gases into Earth\'s atmosphere?
a) Increase the amount of time you spend on the computer
b) Recycle items such as plastics, glass, and paper
c) Plant trees
d) Ride a bicycle

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