Homophone Riddles Question Preview (ID: 35737)

Riddles To Practice Homophone.

not strong
a) weak
b) week
c) weke
d) weke

two of something
a) pair
b) pear
c) pare
d) payr

hair on a horse's neck
a) mane
b) main
c) mayn
d) maine

A group of cattle
a) herd
b) heard
c) hird
d) hard

A person that cleans a room
a) maid
b) made
c) mayd
d) maded

Another word for built
a) made
b) maid
c) mayed
d) mayd

Small, round, juicy fruit
a) berry
b) bury
c) biry
d) bery

An amphibian
a) toad
b) towed
c) toed
d) told

amount for coins
a) cents
b) sense
c) sent
d) sint

Another word for a story
a) tale
b) tell
c) tail
d) till

exchange something for money
a) sell
b) sale
c) cell
d) sail

asking about a place
a) where
b) wear
c) ware
d) weir

a type of boat
a) sail
b) cell
c) sell
d) sale

7 days
a) week
b) weak
c) weyk
d) weke

What a dog wags
a) tail
b) tell
c) tale
d) till

the number after three
a) four
b) fore
c) for
d) foyr

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