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Metric unit of measuerment that measures temperature.
a) celsius
c) temperature
d) thermometer

scientific tool which measures volume
a) balance
c) graduated cylinder
d) scale

metric unit of measuring volume
a) centimeters
b) millipede
c) centegrams
d) milliliters

The average amount of kinetic energy in an object
a) celcius
b) mass
c) volume
d) temperature

a tool that measures force or weight
a) triple beam balance
c) volume displacement
d) spring scale

Scientific tool that measures temperature
a) celcius
b) scale
c) thermometer
d) temperature

Scientific tool that measures mass
a) spring scale
c) thermometer
d) triple beam balance

A concentration of matter in an object
a) matter
c) volume
d) density

a Measure of one substance\'s ability to dissolve another substance
a) gravity
c) mixturability
d) sollubility

a substance containing several ingredients mixed together
a) solution
d) mixture

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