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Industry Terms.

Conscious, logical reasons for purchasing a product, can be summed up as _________________.
a) buying motives
b) objective suggestions
c) subjective suggestions
d) transfer of benefits

___________________ are referred to as advantages or satisfaction customers get from products
a) customer benefits
b) Features
c) Characteristics
d) Product extension

______________ are basic, physical attributes of product
a) Product Features
b) Product benefits
c) Traits
d) Characteristics

Intangible products, are productive activities that we pay someone else to perform, they're also known as _______________.
a) Goods
b) Tangibles
c) Services
d) Quantity

______________ are productive activities that we pay someone else to perform
a) Intangible products
b) Tangible products
c) Annotations
d) Value based products

________________ refers to items that can be touched, smelled, tasted, seen or heard
a) Intangibles products
b) Tangible products
c) Uniform products
d) related mix

_________________ refers to connection, association, or involvement between two or more variables.
a) relationship
b) media link
c) outsource route
d) mapping

Satisfy buying decisions and establish ongoing, profitable relationships is the _______________ .
a) objective of promotion.
b) purpose of selling.
c) market research.
d) product service management.

______________ any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer
a) Indirect Selling
b) Personol Selling
c) Benefit Selling
d) Feature Selling

__________________ is a feeling experienced by a customer through association with a product
a) subjective suggestions
b) objective suggestions
c) Rational buying motive
d) Emotional buying motive

This is performed from the sellers' place of business
a) Bartering
b) Inside Sales
c) Indirect selling
d) Direct selling

This is takes place outside the sellers' place of business
a) Bartering
b) Trade negotiations
c) outside sales
d) indirect sales

_______________ refers to selling products to other entities.
a) B2B
b) Wholesaler to consumer
c) Consumer to Consumer
d) Retailer to Consumer.

Sales of goods or services that take place directly between a buyer and seller outside a retail establishment
a) Indirect
b) Direct
c) Contribution exchange
d) Lateral exchange

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