Parsha Questions Parshas Vayaira Made By Yaakov K. Question Preview (ID: 35721)

Parsha Questions Parshas Vayaira.

From where did Avraham have firewood to put on the Mizbeach?
a) He brought it from his home
b) He collected it from there
c) He found it prepared there
d) It descended from a UFO

How long did Avraham and Yitzchak travel before they reached Har Homoriah?
a) 3 days
b) 1 day
c) 1 week
d) 5 billion years

What was the name of the kings general?
a) Phichol
b) Benayahu
c) Na'aman
d) Hillary

What was the name of the place where they made a treaty?
a) Beer Sheva
b) Bais Lechem
c) Sh'chem
d) Seattle

Which king made a treaty with Avraham?
a) Avimelech
b) Pharoah
c) Nimrod
d) Obama

What did Avraham give Hagar when he sent her away with Yishmael?
a) Bread and Water
b) Water
c) Gold
d) Silver

Which people of s'dom srrounded Lot's House and demanded his guests?
a) All the people
b) The wicked people
c) The young people
d) the babies

How old was Sara when Yitzchak was born?
a) 90
b) 120
c) 88
d) 18

What did Avraham offer to the angels?
a) A meal .
b) Milk and meat.
c) Bread

What did Lot serve to the angels?
a) Matzos
b) Bread
c) Meat
d) Tuna Fish

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