Creation Of The Federal Government Vol. II Question Preview (ID: 35716)


What is the goal of the United States Constitution?
a) tell us how all the states should be set up
b) prosecute lawbreakers
c) define the structure and powers of the national government
d) to announce out separation from English rule

This branch of government is responsible for studying and interpreting the law-
a) judicial branch
d) legislative branch

To 'legislate' means to-
a) make the laws
b) remove the laws
c) carry out the laws
d) interpret the laws

To 'execute' the law means to-
a) carry out
b) sentence for punishment
c) exterminate
d) make law

The three branches of government are the legislative, executive, and-
b) judicial
c) national

To make laws is the responsibility of the-
b) judicial branch
c) legislative branch
d) legal branch

A synonym for federal government is-
a) national government
b) supreme government
c) monarchy
d) state government

The division of government powers into three different branches is called-
a) democracy
b) federalism
c) communism
d) separation of powers

Government powers are divided and shared by the national and state governments. This is called-
a) checks and balances
b) federalism
c) nationalism
d) democracy

What document defines the structure and powers of the federal government?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Preamble
c) Virginia Declaration of Rights
d) U.S. Constitution

This was an argument of the Federalists.
a) for the Ohio Plan
b) for a strong national government
c) for a Bill of Rights
d) against a strong national government

To create the needed new government, the Founders compromised on this issue.
a) taxes
b) the military draft
c) the western territories
d) slavery

This document suggested the legislative branch have a House of Representatives and a Senate.
a) the Virginia Plan
b) the New Jersey Plan
c) the Three-Fifths Compromise
d) the Connecticut Compromise

The Declaration of Independence founded government on principles of
a) strong central government
b) arbitrary power
c) taxation without representation
d) human liberty and consent of the governed

Dividing the powers of the government as the colonial charters did is called
a) separation of powers
b) legislative government
c) limited government
d) government of petitions

The fundamental reason the colonists revolted was because of government
a) suppression of Locke's writings
b) passing the stamp act
c) without representation
d) oppression

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