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An Educational Learning Game For Graduate Students.

How is classroom management connected to the instructional lesson?
a) It loosely connected.
b) The lesson is irrelevant.
c) There is a definite connection.
d) None of these

In professional graduate papers, all of these is appropriate Except:
a) using contractions rather than spelling out word (can't rather than cannot)
b) reducing or eliminating the use of the first person - I
c) reducing the similarity or plagiarism report
d) turning in an assignment on time rathern than late

On end of week papers, proper APA citation would include:
a) ''Interdisciplinary lessons foster collaboration.'' (Barry, 1992).
b) ''Interdisciplinary lessons foster collaboration'' (Barry, 1992).
c) ''Interdisciplinary lessons foster collaboration.'' (Barry, 1992)
d) ''Interdisciplinary lessons foster collaboration (Barry, 1992).''

Which statement about teaching social skills is true?
a) Most social skill behaviors are genetically based and instinctive.
b) Social skill instruction does not involve a universal language.
c) Skills are mastered when they can be successfully performed under conditions of rationality.
d) Positive responses, incentives, and rewards best motivate children to use their social skills.

An evidence-based social skills program should:
a) be taught when it does not take time away from academic instruction.
b) focus primarily on crisis management to eliminate violence in schools.
c) be mandatory only for students who exhibit chronic challenging behavior.
d) teach all students interpersonal, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.

A positive classroom climate exists when every student in the classroom:
a) is academically engaged every minute of every teaching hour.
b) experiences positive interactions from the teacher 90% of the time.
c) experiences five positive interactions for every negative interaction.
d) is academically engaged 100% of the time, and there is no inappropriate behavior.

Effective “instructional environments” consist of teacher-instructional factors, student factors:
a) and: environmental factors.
b) and: ecological factors.
c) and: curricular factors.
d) and: educational factors.

Four of the top six predictive, research-based determinants of academic achievement:
a) relate to: student behavior
b) relate to: parental involvement
c) relate to: benchmark assessment
d) relate to: student metacognition

The desired outcome of PBSS for students is:
a) capacity
b) independence
c) interdependence
d) self-management

Why have you taken this fun quiz?
a) Dr. Mapp wants to reinforce content in an engaging way.
b) Dr. Mapp wants to bore us with this useless nonsense.
c) I really do not know.
d) Maybe I should pick this one.

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