Science And Technology Ch 1 Review A Question Preview (ID: 35705)

6th Grade Science Review.

When scientists put things into categories or groups, they are
a) inferring
b) predicting
c) classifying
d) hypothesizing

Making a statement or claim about what will happen in the future based on past evidence or experience is callled
a) observing
b) predicting
c) inferring
d) classifying

Observations that deal with descriptions in words are called
a) quantitative observations
b) manipulated observations
c) qualitative observations
d) responding observations

A well-tested explanation for a wide range of observations or experimental result is called a
a) theory
b) law
c) inquiry
d) hypothesis

One useful tool that may help a scientist interpret data by revealing patterns is a
a) theory
b) table
c) variable
d) graph

Observations that deal with a number or amount are
a) manipulated observations
b) quantitative observations
c) qualitative observations
d) operational observations

In scientific experiments, facts, figures and other evidence gathered through observations are called
a) responding variables
b) laws
c) manipulated variables
d) data

An answer to a scientific question is a
a) prediction
b) theory
c) hypothesis
d) law

Explaining or interpreting the things you observe based on reasoning from what you already know is called
a) inferring
b) predicting
c) observing
d) classifying

Using one or more of your senses to gather information is called
a) inferring
b) observing
c) predicting
d) classifying

Scientific investigations always begin with a(n)
a) question
b) hypothesis
c) experiment
d) recording data

The variable that the scientist purposely changes is called
a) responding variable
b) manipulated variable
c) experimental variable
d) controlled variable

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