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moves blood to and from all the cells of the body whose main organ is the heart
a) skeletal sysetm
b) circulatory system
c) skeletal sysetm
d) tissue

group of related tissue that perform a certain function
a) organ
b) circulatory system
c) skeletal sysetm
d) tissue

controls the body's responses
a) nervous system
b) organ
c) circulatory system
d) skeletal sysetm

group of organs working together to perform one or more life functions
a) organ system
b) nervous system
c) organ
d) circulatory system

controls breathing and its main organs are the lungs
a) respiratory system
b) organ system
c) nervous system
d) organ

in charge of removing waste products from the body whose main organs are the kidneys
a) excretory system
b) respiratory system
c) organ system
d) nervous system

breaks down food for energy
a) digestive system
b) excretory system
c) respiratory system
d) organ system

a group of similar cells that do a job
a) tissue
b) digestive system
c) excretory system
d) respiratory system

all the muscles of the body, assists in movement
a) muscular system
b) tissue
c) digestive system
d) excretory system

the bones and tissues that connects them, and supports the body and provides its shape
a) skeletal sysetm
b) muscular system
c) tissue
d) muscular system

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