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The United States got involved in the war between Spain and Cuba
a) because they believed strongly that the Cuban people should be liberated
b) because they were worried that the war would spill into Florida
c) only after the explosion of THE MAINE which was sent to Spain to protect United States citizens
d) only after they realized that the Phillipines was too hard to conquer

The war with Spain was very short lasting only
a) a year
b) about four months
c) six days
d) two years 12 days 22 hours 16 minutes 31 seconds

Why did the United States attack the Phillipines in the Spanish-American War?
a) They knew it would catch the Spanish by surprise since they were expecting an attack in Cuba
b) The American public was openly expressing interest in new trade routes in the Asian Seas
c) the imperial leaders of Cuba were on vacation in the Phillipines
d) They were misguided by the opinions of Yellow Journalism that the Phillipines were under oppression

United States Senator Carl Schurz held the opinion that imperialism was
a) necessary in order to establish effective trade practices with other countries
b) a ridiculous policy that violated the United States code of moral standards
c) supportive of the noble cause of the United States becoming a national world power.
d) an excellent idea to help establish democracy in other parts of the world

The United States bought the territory of Alaska
a) from China for $7,200,000
b) because they were interested in its natural resources
c) from William Seward who sold it for less than two cents per acre
d) because they were interested in the gold that was discovered there

American buisnessman originally settled in Hawaii with the intent of
a) carrying out President McKInley's wishes on making Hawaii the nation's 50th state
b) ensuring that all foreign power over Hawaii was limited
c) establishing a business based on the sell of Hawaiian sugar
d) because they wanted to help Queen Lilioukalani retain her throne

Identify why the Panama Canal was built.
a) to impose an expansionists' mentality in Central America
b) to gain more convenient access for a cruise through the Coast of Mexico
c) to kill deadly mosquitoes by destroying their natural habitat
d) to establish swifter trade routes from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the Americas

You can tell from the text that the United States' acquisition of the Panama Canal?
a) was well supported by the American public
b) was heavily debated among lawmakers in Congress
c) lasted for less than a century as they transferred control of the Canal back to Panama
d) allowed for the transfer of new diseases between worlds

How did United States involvement abroad affect North Carolina?
a) it took attention away from the reform movement of the Populists
b) it provided new market opportunities for North Carolinians to distribute their goods
c) it helped North Carolinians to gain a broader view of the world
d) all answer choices provide sufficient answers to this question

Which statement below best explains why we have learned what we have learned this week?
a) Mr. Harvey was sitting at home brainstorming
b) to learn how developments of the late 19th and early 20th century affect our role in the world today
c) to learn about dead people who we will only forget about ten years from now
d) to attempt to convince students that North Carolina needs to produce more textiles

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