Word Roots Lesson 21 Question Preview (ID: 35697)

Word Roots Lesson 21.

To return to an earlier and usually worse condition or state.
a) regress
b) degrace
c) graduate
d) flexible

To treat something or someone poorly and without respect: to make the quality worse.
a) gradual
b) degrade
c) vulnerable
d) visible

moving or changing in small amounts
a) regress
b) visible
c) revserible
d) gradual

What does progress mean?
a) moving forward; using or interested in new or modern ideas
b) able to be seen: easily seen or understood
c) easily hurt or harmed physically, open to attack
d) having a good or pleasing qualities

What does desirable mean?
a) to treat something or someone poorly and without respect
b) to earn a degree or diploma
c) having good or pleasing qualities
d) moving or changing forward

Which sentence correctly uses the word.
a) Some mistakes are so bad that they are just not PROGRESSIVE.
b) I always wear my green running jacket at night so that I am FLEXIBLE to drivers.
c) Take probiotics daily to make yourself less VULNERABLE.
d) There were three people in the class that didn't REVERSIBLE.

Select the sentence that correctly uses the word.
a) Evie is a GRADUATE of two doctoral programs.
b) The acidic rain started to GRADUATE the car's paint.
c) She brushed her hair and GRADUATE down the stairs.
d) The scouts were GRADUATING despite hiding in their camouflage gear.

Which word means to easily trick or harm?
a) regress
b) vulnerable
c) visible
d) graduate

Which word is not related to progressive?
a) progress
b) fortitude
c) forward
d) advance

Which word is not related to regress?
a) relapse
b) worse
c) succeed
d) change

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