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A large number of atoms with their magnetic fields pointing in the same direction is a(n):
a) magnetic pointer
b) generator
c) magnetic domain
d) electric motor

You can make an electromagnet stronger by:
a) Adding a compass
b) Moving it to the north pole
c) Increasing the number of coils
d) Decreasing the number of coils

A device that changes electrical energy to kinetic energy.
a) electric motor
b) compass
c) electromagnet
d) generator

What happens if a magnet breaks in half?
a) You will no longer have any north or south poles
b) You will only have south poles
c) You will only have north poles
d) You will have two magnets and each will have a north and south pole

This type of circuit will allow other bulbs to stay lit even if one goes out.
a) parallel
b) energetic
c) electrical
d) series

All energy turns into this type of energy:
a) chemical
b) kinetic
c) thermal
d) electrical

Leaves change radiant energy into chemical energy through __________
a) Potential energy
b) absorbtion
c) magic
d) photosynthesis

Energy of position
a) Potential
b) Nuclear
c) Chemical
d) Kinetic

Energy of motion
a) Potential
b) Kinetic
c) Chemical
d) Nuclear

A changing magnetic field produces a(n) _____________ in wire
a) electric circuit
b) magnetic domain
c) electromagnet
d) electric current

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