Development And Industry Hodge Pdge Question Preview (ID: 35685)

Dev And Ind.

Mexico's maquiladoras are examples of
a) offshore financial centers
b) transnationals
c) brick-and-mortar businesses,
d) export-processing zones

_____ take advantage of the geographic differences in wages, labor laws, environmental regulations, taxes, and the distribution of the natural resources by locating various aspects of their production in different countries.
a) conglomerate corporations
b) e-business corporations
c) transnational corporations
d) footloose industries

Niger's economy is mostly limited to
a) primary economic activities
b) secondary economic activities
c) tertiary economic activities

The Ruhr industrial area is connected to the port of Rotterdam by
a) railroads
b) the Rhine
c) the North Sea.
d) the Seine.

The increase in time and cost with distance is referred to as
a) production costs
b) distribution costs
c) friction of distance.
d) distance decay

Which cost of Weber’s has changed the most today since his writing?
a) agglomeration
b) the location of raw materials
c) transportation
d) weight

When Alfred Weber published his book Theory of the Location of Industries (1909), what did he select as the critical determinant of regional industrial location?
a) labor
b) raw materials
c) transportation
d) agglomeration

_________ is an example of time-space compression
a) Industrial Revolution
b) the Internet
c) Horizontal integration
d) Community-supported agriculture

Global shipping lanes are the most abundant
a) in the southern hemisphere
b) in the Indian and Atlantic Ocean
c) in Europe and Southwest Asia
d) in the northern hemisphere

Central to globalization is
a) cultural convergence of media.
b) resource scarcities.
c) population growth.
d) trade

In our diverse world, it is important to remember that ______________________.
a) genders are equal around the
b) stereotypes exist because they are true
c) each place is unique
d) none of these

___________has the title of Special Administrative District, which gives it a great deal of autonomy
a) Shanghai
b) Tibet
c) Hong Kong
d) Taiwan

In the United States, most interstate oil pipelines originate:
a) in New Mexico
b) along the Gulf of Mexico in Texas and Louisiana
c) in Pennsylvania
d) in the Appalachian Mountains.

This area is one of Russia’s oldest manufacturing centers.
a) Ukraine
b) Volga
c) Urals
d) St. Petersburg

New York City, like other large urban centers with great ports, is called a break of bulk location because
a) plentiful labor is available to unload massive cargo ships.
b) markets are readily available for shipped goods.,
c) transported cargo can be transferred from one kind of carrier to another
d) transported cargo can be transferred from one kind of carrier to another

Deindustrialization has had a dramatic impact on which of the following regions
a) Mississippi River Valley
b) Great Plains
c) the Great Lakes
d) Cotton Belt

Media’s power as information gatekeepers has been undercut by
a) local tv stations
b) microblogs on the internet
c) decline in newspaper sales
d) growth of illiteracy

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