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The clustering of financial firms on Wall Street in New York is an example of
a) deindustrialization
b) ancillary industry
c) agglomeration
d) least-cost theory

Firms try to locate their production facilities to
a) maximize agglomeration
b) minimize costs and maximize profits
c) maximize spaital accessibility
d) maximize visibility

The Ruhr Valley is to_____ as the Rust Belt is to________
a) Russia, the United States
b) Germany, the United States
c) California, Pennsylvania
d) Texas, Idaho

The term postindustrial economy
a) is characterized by the rise of quaternary and quinary sectors
b) is characterized by the rise of primary and secondary sectors
c) is characterized by global terrorism
d) is characterized by the economic effects of global climate

China’s industrial heartland is located
a) thousands of miles from the Pacific Ocean near raw materials
b) in Sichuan along the Chang Jiang River
c) in the Northeast District - formerly known as Manchuria and now called Dongbei
d) in the Southwest District of Yunan near Kunming

Weber’s least cost theory focused on
a) transportation, labor, and agglomeration
b) transportation and commodification., transportation and globalization
c) transportation and government subsidies
d) transportation, education, and raw materials

Fordist production is characterized by
a) horizontal integration.
b) vertical integration
c) the slow pace of production
d) the use of foreign labor

By the beginning of the twentieth century, only rivaled Europe’s level of industrialization
a) Japan
b) India
c) North America
d) Australia

Britain’s Industrial Revolution diffused to locations in mainland Europe that were
a) near old growth forests and major canal networks
b) near capital cities.,
c) near major electrical power stations
d) near coal fields and connected via water to ports

Technopoles, a collection of high-technology industries, can be found in a number of countries. Which of the following is not a region containing one of these countries?
a) Eastern Asia
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) North America

Fayetteville, Arkansas has become a ________________ because of Wal-Mart
a) technopole
b) break of bulk point
c) most polluted American town
d) growth pole

People working in the ___________ sector of economic activity tend to have high levels of specialized knowledge or technical skills.
a) primary
b) secondary
c) tertiary
d) quaternary

The second largest industrial district in China developed around _______, China’s largest city.
a) Shenyang
b) Beijing
c) Hong Kong
d) Shanghai

China’s “Pittsburgh” is
a) Beijing
b) Shanghai
c) Tianjin
d) Xianggang

U.S. production of oil in recent years’ averages ____% of the world’s total.
a) 25
b) 10
c) 18
d) 8

Current amounts of goods and resources moving in the global system would be impossible without the invention of
a) containeraircrafts
b) container systems
c) bulk cargo ships
d) railroads

During the 1970s, U.S. television manufacturers began to move productions “offshore” to places such as special zones on the Mexican border called
a) industrial cities
b) peripheral production zones
c) technopoles
d) technopoles

The type of manufacturing that is more likely to be located in peripheral countries is
a) labor-intensive.
b) technical design.
c) low-labor needs
d) high-tech.

Fast, flexible production of small lots with outsourcing around the world is referred to as:
a) fordist
b) post-fordist
c) socialist
d) colonial

Mass production of standardized goods using assembly line techniques is referred to as:
a) fordist
b) manufacturing
c) global production
d) high tech production

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