Westward Expansion Question Preview (ID: 35678)

Chapter 11 Test.

Which of the following was NOT a reason to travel west?
a) Beaver Fur
b) Cheap/Free land
c) Religion
d) Poverty

Who was the leader of the Mormon Church who was killed?
a) Brigham Young
b) Joseph Smith
c) John Jacob Astor
d) James Monroe

Where did the Mormons establish their religious settlement?
a) California
b) Oregon
c) Utah
d) Missouri

What was a major result of the Gold Rush?
a) People got filthy rich
b) There was a population boom
c) The Eastern cities grew
d) The economy of California declined

Which of the following WAS NOT a major difficulty along the trails west?
a) Native Americans
b) Diseases such as Cholera
c) Supply shortages
d) Accidental gun misfiring

What was the nickname given to those pioneers who traveled in search of gold
a) forty-eighters
b) forty-niners
c) rushers
d) boomers

Where would you go to find gold in 1849?
a) Utah
b) California
c) Texas
d) California

An obvious fate to settle all the way to the Pacific Ocean..
a) Manifest Fate
b) Manifest Destiny
c) Westward Expansion
d) Oregon Expansion

What state was an independent nation before becoming a state?
a) California
b) New Mexico
c) Texas
d) Nevada

What was the battle cry used for Texas Independence? Remember the...
a) Alabama!
b) Alamo!
c) Tennessee Boys!
d) Sanata Anna!

The purchase of the small strip of land in present day Arizona and New Mexico..
a) Mexican Cession
b) Gadsden Purchase
c) Louisiana Purchase
d) Texas Annexation

What war was fought to help the U.S. gain the present states of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming?
a) Revolutionary War
b) Texas Revolution
c) Mexican American War
d) War of 1812

Who was the President of the U.S. during the Mexican American War?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) James Monroe
c) Martin Van Buren
d) James K. Polk

Who was the Mexican President during the Mexican American War?
a) James K. Polk
b) Zachary Taylor
c) Santa Anna
d) Davy Crockett

The name given to fur traders and trappers in the Oregon territory?
a) Mountain men
b) Pioneers
c) Frontiersmen
d) Forty-Niners

Which trail led to present day New Mexico across blazing deserts?
a) Oregon Trail
b) California Trail
c) Mormon Trail
d) Santa Fe Trail

Why did Brigham Young move the mormons west?
a) for religious freedom
b) to establish a cult
c) to mine gold in california
d) to purchase cheap/free land from Mexico

What parallel separates the U.S. and Canada?
a) 36th
b) 59th
c) 49th
d) 24th

Who was the famous frontiersmen who died at the Alamo?
a) Daniel Boon
b) Davy Crockett
c) Santa Anna
d) Zachary Taylor

Who became a war hero during the Mexican American War, eventually becoming President?
a) James K. Polk
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Zachary Taylor
d) Martin van Buren

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