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City Traffic.

If a light is green when you first see it, predict it
a) Has a left turn arrow
b) Will change soon
c) Has an electrical problem
d) Has just been illuminated

Riding the brake might cause the driver following you to assume that you
a) Are intending to maintain your speed
b) Are going to slow or stop
c) Are intending to warm your brakes
d) Are covering the brake

Holding your foot over the brake pedal is called
a) Riding the brake
b) Slipping the brake
c) Adjusting the brake
d) Covering the brake

If the vehicle following you is too close, what action can you take to avoid being hit from the rear
a) Flash your headlights quickly
b) Press the brake lightly
c) Increase your following distance
d) Signal the driver to pass

What is your following distance when you have identified a tailgater
a) Two seconds
b) Four seconds
c) One second
d) Doesn't matter, just get out of the way

A driver that follows to closely is called
a) Bumper sticker
b) Tailgater
c) Cargater
d) Tailodile

A high-risk area for a sudden stop from another driver might be
a) A school bus
b) The lanes next to parked vehicles
c) An intersection with stop signs
d) A rural highway

The first step in following and meeting traffic is
a) Managing the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle
b) Establishing a fixed reference point
c) Identifying which car you are going to follow
d) Predicting if a care will enter your path

When following a vehicle, you should look
a) At your rear view mirrors exclusively
b) Through, over, and around that vehicle
c) At the rear of the vehicle ahead
d) At the vehicles brake lights

A 3-second following distance
a) Is the equal to the stopping distance
b) Is effective only at lower speeds
c) Is not related to the time needed to perform the IPDE process
d) Is not the total stopping distance

What is a space cushion
a) The distance you can see in your lane
b) Your vehicles stopping distance
c) The air bag in the steering wheel
d) The distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead

When measuring a following distance under normal conditions, the 3 second technique
a) Should be increased in adverse conditions
b) Is safe for most conditions
c) Is sufficent at a speed over 40 mph
d) Is the same as the total shopping distance

An advantage of keeping a 3-second following distance in city traffic is that you
a) Can see only the vehicle ahead
b) Have a cushion from the vehicle ahead
c) Have less time to react to hazards
d) Can react quickly to hazards

How should you use the predict step of the IPDE process while driving on city streets
a) Be prepared to predict possible points of conflict earlier
b) Take more time to make accurate decisions
c) Act the same way as you would on a rural roadway
d) Divide your attention between several tasks

Why is city driving more difficult than driving in other environments
a) There are more vehicles per mile in the city
b) More people ignore traffic laws in the city than in other locations
c) There are more hazards, and you have to deal with them more frequently
d) Both A and C are correct

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