Chinese Dynasty Test 6th Grade Question Preview (ID: 35674)

Chapter 10 Test.

Why did Chinese culture developed independently from most cultures?
a) The Mongols
b) The Natural Boundaries
c) Treaties
d) Racisim

The Qin used hundreds of thousands of farmers to join together, strengthen, and complete many northern walls that earlier Chinese rulers had constructed. It became known as what?
a) The Great Wall
b) The Silk Road
c) The Pax Mongalica
d) The Shang Palace

Who built the first cities in China?
a) Zhou
b) Qin
c) Shang
d) Han

During the Han dynasty, a major advance in technology was that people made this from hemp or rag pulp.
a) Ships
b) Gunpowder
c) Plows
d) Paper

Qin Shihuangdi helped unify China by creating this
a) Common Language
b) Common Culture
c) Common Currency
d) Common Food

What new technology was developed during the Zhou Dynasty?
a) New ways to irrigate
b) Cast Iron tools
c) New Ships
d) Silk

The dynasty under which culture flourished
a) Shang
b) Zhou
c) Han
d) Qin

This religion that spread from India to China
a) Buddism
b) Confucianism
c) Daoism
d) Sikhism

China’s first dynasty
a) Zhou
b) Shang
c) Han
d) Ming

This dynasty ruled China longer than any other dynasty
a) Xia
b) Ming
c) Han
d) Zhou

Chinese system of beliefs that describes the way a king must rule
a) Buddism
b) Confucianism
c) Dao
d) Warring States Period

Was the Silk Road was a single road that extended from China to the Roman Empire?
a) No
b) Yes

Which of the following was a result of Zhang Qian’s exploration of the West?
a) Trade Decreased
b) Wars begun
c) Trade Increased
d) Silk was developed

This period of time made people look for ways to restore order in China.
a) Period of Warring States
b) Cultural Revolution
c) Zhou dynasty
d) Han Dynasty

How was the government different under the Zhou dynasty than under previous dynasties?
a) Rulers chosen by Gods
b) Rulers chosen by elections
c) Wives helped rule
d) A Bureaucracy helped rule

Wu Wang led a rebellion against the last rulers of this group known for their cruelty.
a) Qin
b) Zhou
c) Han
d) Shang

How did the Han dynasty choose government workers?
a) By Ability
b) By birth
c) By gods
d) By election

In 139 B.C. the emperor sent Zhang Qian to explore areas west of China in search of allies, but instead he returned with stories of what animal?
a) Horses
b) Cows
c) Sheep
d) Chickens

What invention increased the amount of land that could be farmed?
a) Cast Iron guns
b) Cast Iron shovels
c) Cast Iron plow
d) Cast Iron ships

From whom did the Shang kings believe they received their powers?
a) The Land
b) The people
c) The Gods
d) The Wives

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