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How fast or slow the vibrations are is called
a) echo
b) pitch
c) reflection
d) volume

Sound is produced by
a) vibrations
b) light
c) echos
d) reflection

What is happeneing when you hear an echo?
a) sound refraction
b) light refraction
c) sound reflection
d) light reflection

What is the bending of light called?
a) light reflection
b) sound reflection
c) light refraction
d) sound refraction

How does sound travel?
a) in a straight line
b) in waves
c) through a vacuum in space
d) on a train

What state of matter can you hear a sound loudest through?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

What is the best material for sound absorption?
a) metal
b) water
c) wood
d) fabric

A frosted bathroom window is an example of
a) a transparent object
b) an opaque object
c) a translucent object
d) refraction

How does light travel?
a) in waves in one direction
b) in a straight line in all directions
c) in vibrations in one direction
d) in vibrations in all directions

Which is not an example of refraction?
a) light bouncing off a mirror
b) a penny in a pool
c) a rainbow
d) a pencil in a cup

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