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Who discovered bacteria?
a) Louis Pasteur
b) Henry Bessemr
c) Madam Curry
d) Edward Jenner

The Bessemer process was created to produce
a) steel
b) explosions
c) electricity
d) cotton

Industrialization spread from England to —
a) Europe and the United States
b) South America and Mexico
c) India and the United States
d) China and the Middle East

Which advancement is NOT correctly matched with the inventor?
a) James Watt — Steam Engine
b) Edward Jenner — Process for making stronger steel
c) Eli Whitney — Cotton Gin
d) Louis Pasteur — Discovery of Bacteria

All of these are reasons the Industrial Revolution began in England EXCEPT —
a) coal
b) money
c) population
d) communism

Which technological advancement is associated with James Watt?
a) cotton gin
b) spinning jenny
c) light bulb
d) steam engine

The spinning jenny was invented by 
a) Cyrus Mc Cromick
b) James Watt
c) James Hargreaves
d) Eli Whitney

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Cyrus Mc Cormick
b) James Watt
c) Eli Whitney
d) Henry Bessemer

One effect of the enclosure movement was the —
a) increased factory output
b) growth of small farms
c) increased farming efficiency
d) decline in farming output

Who developed the smallpox vaccination?
a) Edward Jenner
b) Madam Curry
c) Henry Bessemer
d) Louis Pasteur

Which factor was NOT an impact of the Industrial Revolution on industrialized  countries?
a) population decrease
b) urbanization
c) improved transportation
d) environmental pollution

Which country was the first to industrialize?
a) US
b) Germany
c) Britain
d) France

How did the Industrial Revolution improve the standard of living in England?
a) By increasing the production of affordable goods
b) By protecting industries from foreign competition
c) By giving government more power to regulate business
d) By discovering new sources of raw materials

What was one result of the British Enclosure Movement?
a) there was less production of coal
b) there were fewer factory owners
c) more people moved to cities
d) more foreigners bought farmland

During the late Industrial Revolution, workers started voluntary associations to seek  help with labor issues. These are called —
a) strikes
b) unions
c) mens clubs
d) proletariat

What impact did the cotton gin have on slavery?
a) increased demand for slaves
b) slowed the slave trade
c) increased demand for indentured servants
d) decreased need for slaves

Working conditions during the first part of Industrialization were 
a) D good with every class sharing in the wealth
b) good with government controlling all industries
c) poor with unequal distribution of wealth
d) poor with a classless society

The factory system led to the end of —
a) child labor laws
b) women's suffrage
c) labor unions
d) cottage industries

One unforeseen impact of industrialization was —
a) growth of environmental protection
b) decrease in use of child labor
c) growth of political power for women
d) the eventual outlawing of slavery

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