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The Black Death - Easy Level.

Which type is the most dangerous and severe?
a) Bubonic
b) Pneumonic
c) Septicemic
d) All were equally severe

In which continent did the Black Plague start in?
a) North America
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) Africa

How many people are estimated to have died from the plague?
a) 10 000 000 (ten million)
b) 25 000 000 (25 million)
c) 5 000 (five thousand)
d) 1 000 000 (one million)

How did the European population become infected by the plague?
a) Being in the same room with someone already infected
b) Being bitten by infected fleas
c) By touching anything worn by people who were infected with the plague
d) All of these

How did the plague enter into Europe?
a) From tainted food
b) From slaves who originated from Africa
c) From poisoned water
d) By flea-bearing rats on ships

Once a person was infected, how long did they generally last before they fell ill?
a) 24 hours
b) 10-12 days
c) 1 month
d) 3-5 days

What were the symptoms of the Black Death?
a) Dark spots on the skin
b) Black swellings the size of eggs on the armpits or groin
c) Fever, headaches, and vomiting
d) All of these

What was the main period that the Black Death affected Europe?
a) 1300s
b) 1400s
c) 1500s
d) 1600s

Does the plague still exisit today?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Only in Europe
d) Only for men

When did the Black Death first arrive in England?
a) 1655
b) 1500
c) 1390
d) 1348

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