U1 Post Assessment Question Preview (ID: 35661)

Natural Resources.

How can you help solve the problem of land pollution
a) throw things away
b) recycle
c) ignore the problem

What is a government agency that serves us by forming laws and regulations to protect the environment?
a) EPA
b) DDT
c) FBI

DDT is a dangerous ______________ that was used to kill bugs and was found to be harmful to animals and people.
a) fertilizer
b) pesticide
c) landfill

What is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment is called?
a) pollution
b) recycling
c) smog

What is the main source of our drinking water?
a) glaciers
b) groundwater
c) lakes

Which of the following is a dangerous mineral to humans and can often cause problems if you eat too much fish that has lived in a contaminated area?
a) iron
b) mercury
c) sulfur

What is the main cause of air pollution
a) burning fossil fuels
b) nuclear power plants
c) volcanoes

What is a mixture of smoke, fog, and chemicals in the air?
a) pesticide
b) smog
c) fossil fuel

What is a resource that is limited and we cannot make more of is called?
a) renewable resource
b) nonrenewable resource
c) ecosystem

What percentage of the earth is covered in freshwater?
a) 75
b) 25
c) 3

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