8.9A History Of Plate Tecctonics Question Preview (ID: 35659)

Questions On Alfred Wegener And Plate Tectonics.

Tropical plants have been found on Antarctica. What does this prove?
a) The south pole used to be extremely hot
b) Antarctica used to be located closer to the equator.
c) There used to be species of plants that could swim
d) There were plants that could grow in both tropical and polar climates

What is the mechanism that moves the tectonic plates around
a) Conduction
b) Radiation
c) Convecction
d) The Coriolis Effect

Why do scientist think that the continents were once joined together
a) Some of them seem to fit together like puzzle piecces
b) They are all the same size
c) The minerals in the crust of the continents are the exact same
d) The same fossils have been found on all 7 continents

Why did alfred Wegener have trouble convincing his fellow scientist that Plate tectonics were real
a) The fossils he found in Africa and South America were not actually the same
b) His evidence could not be confirmed
c) He could not explain the force that would make them move
d) He died before he ever published his book.

Where on earth can you find matching mountain ranges that support Alfred Wegener's Theory?
a) South America and Africa
b) Greenland, North America and Euroope
c) India and Australia
d) Nowhere

Why did people not believe Alfred Wegener?
a) He had been wrong many times before
b) People did believe his theory and celebrated his disccovery
c) He lacked evidence to prove his theory and could not explain WHY or HOW plates might move
d) He was diagnosed with schizophrenia before he made his discovery

Matching mountain ranges in North America, Greenland and Europe all explain which theory
a) Plate Tectonics
b) Global Warming
c) The coriolis effect
d) The big bang theory

Two animals of the same species were found off the coast of South America and Africa. What does this evidence suggest?
a) The animal was able to swim long differences
b) The two continents were once touching
c) The animal was able to fly long differences
d) It proves the theory of plate tectonics was wrong

Which of the following are evidence of plate tectonics?
a) Matching rock layers on different continetns
b) identical species of ancient animals found in South America and Africa
c) Tropical plants in frozen climates
d) All of the above

Are the continents still moving now?
a) Yes, but they only move from time to time
b) Yes, they will continue moving forever at a constant rate
c) No, they only moved that once very quickly
d) Yes and No

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