Chapter 1 Emails Question Preview (ID: 35652)


To add an automatic signature
a) Under settings
b) Type the name in the email body
c) Select the drop down box and choose your name
d) None of the above

Gmail messages are grouped in
a) Topics
b) dates
c) similiarities
d) conversations

This is the person who receives the email
a) sender
b) BCC
c) recipient
d) CC

This will allow you to respond to all recipients
a) Reply
b) Reply To
c) Reply All
d) Forward

What is one way you can search for an email
a) Settings
b) inbox
c) search wizard
d) draft

This allows the user to customize their Google Window
a) Themes
b) Settings
c) Signature
d) Attachment

The recipient will not know that this person received a copy of the email
a) BCC
b) CC
c) To
d) subject

This identifies the sender
a) To
b) BCC
c) CC
d) Signature

What is the max size for an email attachment
a) 25 MB
b) 30 MB
c) 35 MB
d) 40 MB

This person will receive a copy of the email, even if they are not the original recipient
a) To
b) CC
c) BCC
d) Sender

What is the max characters for a subject
a) 120
b) 280
c) 370
d) 130

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