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Theoretical Quiz.

The core of the complete subject
a) Simple predicate
b) simple subject
c) predicate nominative
d) compound predicate

These verbs allow subject complements.
a) transitive verbs
b) intransitive verbs
c) linking verbs
d) ditransitive verbs

These verbs (paint, name, think) allow...
a) direct object
b) indirect objects
c) object complements
d) predicate nominatives

Identify the simple subject in the following sentence: The red shoes in the corner belong to Steph Curry.
a) shoes
b) corner
c) Steph Curry

Which of the following patterns is possible?
a) DO + IO
b) OC + IO
c) DO + OC
d) PN + DO

Choose the DO in this sentence: For today, she'll cook your dinner.
a) your dinner
b) today
c) she

Intransitive verbs allow objects.
a) True
b) False

Grow is a linking verb if it means become
a) True
b) False

Which kind of conjunctions can NOT join simple subjects to make up compound subjects?
a) Coordinating conjunctions
b) Subordinating conjunctions
c) Correlative conjunctions

There is/are is the subject in the structure of existence
a) True
b) False

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