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Unit 8.

Which would be the independent quantity if we were discussing how long it took Colby to run laps on the school track?
a) The number of laps ran.
b) The number of minutes.
c) The distance around one lap on the track.
d) The time it takes to run one lap.

If there are 8 quarts in 2 gallons, which equation shows the relationship between quarts and gallons?
a) g = q - 3 3/4
b) g = q - 6
c) g = 1/4 q
d) g= 4q

Which quadrant would the point (3.6, -4) be in?
a) IV
b) III
c) II
d) I

Which shows the prime factorization of 220?
a) 2x2x5x11
b) 2x10x11
c) 2x5x5x11
d) 2x2x55

Which is an expression?
a) 2x+5
b) 2+3=5
c) 2+2=4
d) 2x=4

Which is equal to 3(5+n)
a) (3x5) + (3xn)
b) (3x5) + n
c) (3+5)(n)
d) (3x5) +(5xn)

Which value of x will make the inequality true? 12 is greater than x -7
a) x is less than 19
b) x is less than 5
c) x is greater than 19
d) x is greater than 5

Jack gains 12 yards, loses 15 yards, gains 25 yards then loses 2 yards. What did he end up with?
a) -10
b) -24
c) 44
d) 20

What is 5 and five eighths divided by on fourth?
a) five and three eighths
b) one and 13/32
c) 22 and one half
d) 5 and 7/8

40/100 =
a) 20%
b) 30%
c) 40%
d) 50%

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