Behaviorism: After The Founding Question Preview (ID: 35643)

Chapter 11.

Rotter's Social Learning Theory had 4 main components Reinforcement value, psychological situaiton _____, _____
a) Behavior potential
b) Expectancy
c) Both
d) other

Stage 3 of Behavioism
a) Sociobehaviorism
b) Wastson's Behaiorism
c) Neobehviorism
d) Operationism

Fasting seatbelt to turn off beeping sound is what operant conditioning ( reinforcement)
a) Positive reinforcement
b) Negative reinforcement
c) control reinforcement
d) helpful reinforcement

Spanking a child is this type of punishment
a) positive punishment
b) negative punishment
c) correct punishment
d) bad punishment

Who created Law of Acquisition?
a) Bandura
b) Hull
c) Skinner
d) Rotter

The belief that reinforceent depends on one's own behavior
a) External locus of control
b) Internal locus of control
c) Personal locus of control
d) All

Unobserved and inferred factors within the orgaism that are the actual determinants of behavior
a) Intervening variables
b) Purposive behaviorism
c) Reinforcement
d) postive variables

Radical behaviorist believe
a) that psychology should not study ony the overt behaviors and environmental stimuli
b) that psychology must study only overt behaviors and environmental stimuli
c) that psychology shoud not study only overt behaviors and gender
d) that psychology must study only overt environmental stimuli and gender

Who did the Operant chamber study
a) Skinner
b) Tolman
c) Hull

Neobehaviorism includes the work of ?
a) Skinner
b) Hull
c) All
d) Tolman

Who was the 1st sychologist to use the term Soical learning theory
a) Clark Leonard Hull
b) B. F Skinner
c) Julian Rotter

Sociobehaviorism includes their work
a) Bandura, Rotter
b) Rotter
c) Bandura
d) Hull, Rotter, Bandura

The world's most influential psychologist for decades was?
a) Skinner
b) Hull
c) Rotter
d) Tolman

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