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The 'steps" of a DNA helix are composed of
a) simple sugars only
b) glucose and hydrogen bonds
c) simple sugars and hydrogen bonds
d) nitrogen bases and hydrogen bonds

The original strand of DNA is also know as the
a) template strand
b) complimentary strand
c) oldest
d) newest

DNA nucleotides are made of
a) nitrogen bases only
b) nitrogen bases, a simple sugar, phosphate group
c) glucose, hydrogen, phosphate group
d) DNA polymerase

What is the role of DNA polymerase in DNA replication?
a) To move nucleotides to the cytoplasm
b) To help the nitrogen bases stick together
c) Polymerizes (breaks) individual nucleotides to produce DNA
d) To produce RNA

Bases pairs found in a DNA helix are held together by what type of bond?
a) electron bonds
b) double bonds
c) triple bonds
d) hydrogen bond

The "backbone" of a DNA strand is composed of
a) nitrogen bases and hydrogen bonds
b) water
c) nitrogen bases
d) phophate groups and simple sugars

What causes DNA helix to to "unzip and unwind"?
a) acids
b) bases
c) enzymes
d) phosphate groups

The sequence on a DNA strand is GGCATTCGC what would the sequence on the complimentary strand be

How does DNA hold information?
a) in the cytoplasm
b) in the nucleus
c) in the hydrogen bonds
d) in the sequence of nucleotides

DNA is found in
a) eukaryotes only
b) prokaryotes and eukaryotes
c) prokaryotes only
d) humans only

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