The Redemption Period In Georgia Question Preview (ID: 35636)

Redemption Period In Georgia.

Which of the following is not a way that African Americans were denied their rights?
a) Disenfranchisement
b) Jim Crow laws
c) Racial Violence
d) Brown vs. Board of Educatoin

What is true about John Hope?
a) He disagreed with the views of Booker T. Washington
b) He agreed with the views of Booker T. Washington
c) He did not attend college
d) He did not care about equal rights for African Americans

Which is true about Booker T. Washington?
a) He believed the way to advance African Americans status for for them to learn an industrial skill
b) He did not support Jim Crow Laws
c) He was best friends with W.E.B Dubois
d) He wanted African Americans to get a college education and fight against discrimination

What was the main event that resulted in the US getting involved in WWI?
a) Zimmerman Telegram
b) Sinking of the Lusitania
c) Attacks on American merchant ships
d) Anti-German propaganda in the United States

Which did NOT restrict the rights of African American to vote?
a) Eligibilty Clause
b) Gerrymandering
c) Lynching

How did Georgians support the war effort?
a) Victory Gardens for growing food
b) Propaganda Articles
c) Attending School

What is Alonzo Herndon known for?
a) He owned several businesses in Atlanta
b) He was a famous educator
c) He was a famous pastor
d) He was the governor of Georgia who did not want equal rights

Which Georgia contribution to WWI was the most significant?
a) Georgia had training camps where soldiers were trained
b) Georgia had many people that volunteered for the Red Cross
c) Georgia had several sewing circles that helped in the war effort
d) Georgia had many textile mills that supplied clothing for the war

What is W.E.B Dubois known for?
a) He founded the NAACP and did research on blacks and crime
b) He owned several barbershops and insurance companies
c) He thought that the way to make progress for African Americans was for them to learn a trade
d) He agreed with Booker T. Washington and worked with him closely

The Plessy vs. Ferguson resulted in which ruling?
a) Facilities could be separate for blacks and whites but they had to equal
b) Facilities for blacks and whites were the same
c) Facilities for blacks and whites were together in one
d) Schools were integrated for blacks and whites

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