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Which ancient culture used a writing system with pictographs?
a) Cycladic
b) Mycenaean
c) Minoan
d) Trojan

The Mycenaeans borrowed their art styles and writing from the...
a) Minoans
b) Cycladic culture
c) Trojans
d) Aryans

Today people can learn about Troy from
a) artififacts
b) Minoan writings
c) wall paintings
d) the epics of Homer

Which of these Greek city-states had a military culture?
a) Aeggina
b) Argos
c) Athens
d) Sparta

Which of the following did not help form greek identity?
a) religion
b) mythology
c) language
d) agriculture

What is an "agora"?
a) a seeker of knowledge
b) a deadly disease
c) an open air market
d) a long poem

"Epic" means what (related to Greek Culture)?
a) a collection of tradtional stories taht explains how things in nature or human events came to be
b) A long poem that tells about important events in the life of a hero or heroes.
c) A deadly disease
d) A large area that houses many books and art pieces

Which effect matches this cause: The Minoans trade in lands all around the Mediterranean Sea.
a) The Minoans exchanged ideas as well as goods.
b) Some city states became bigger.
c) The defeat of Thebes discouraged other Greek city states.
d) I have no idea.

Sparta was different from Athens because...
a) Spartans believed that they owned their slaves
b) Spartans were ruled by an oligarchy.
c) Spartans allowed women to be a part of government
d) Spartans created the first democratic system of government

According to Greek mythology, the people of the city states shared a common ansestor named:
a) Hellen
b) Athena
c) Homer
d) Zues

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