Breezes And Water Cycle Question Preview (ID: 35623)


Sea breezes occur __________
a) during the day
b) at night
c) at noon
d) at midnight

Wind is caused by __________________
a) temperature differences
b) clouds
c) precipitation
d) air movement

Land breezes occur ___________
a) at night
b) during the day
c) only at midnight
d) only at noon

Clouds form by _________________
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) precipitation
d) transpiration

Define precipitation
a) water in any form falling to the ground
b) water condensed in clouds
c) water vapor
d) changing water from a liquid to a gas

Warm air___________
a) becomes less dense and rises
b) becomes more dense and sinks
c) becomes more dense
d) becomes more dense and rises

Define evaporation
a) liquid changing to gas when heated
b) gas changing to a liquid when cooled
c) liquid changing to a gas when cooled
d) gas changing to a liquid when heated

Define condensation
a) gas changing to liquid when cooled
b) gas changing to liquid when heated
c) liquid changing to gas when cooled
d) liquid changing to gas when heated

The energy from the water cycle comes from _______
a) the sun
b) the wind
c) the earth
d) the clouds

Warm air has __________ pressure
a) low
b) high
c) both low and high
d) neither low nor high

high pressure is usually colored
a) blue
b) red
c) blue then red
d) red then blue

water released by plant leaves is known as ______
a) transpiration
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) photosynthesis

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