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Terms And Concepts For Sportswriting.

Game Story has to answer these questions
a) What was the final score and what made the difference?
b) Was the game an offensive or defensive struggle?
c) What did the coaches and players have to say about the contest?
d) All of these

In the post-game story, you should...
a) None of these
b) gather as much background info as possible
c) Both 2 and 4
d) use most recent contest to put article in perspective

In the game story, you should(4)...
a) recap meaningful plays
b) use quotes
c) respect both sides
d) All of the above

In the preview story, you should...
a) do research and backgrounding
b) talk to your editor
c) arrange for photographs
d) none of the above

What are the three stages sports stories can be covered in?
a) Beginning, middle, and end.
b) By period
c) Preview (Advance) Story, The Game Story. The Post-Game Story
d) Beginning, middle, and post-game

located near the top of a stadium; houses journalists covering an event
a) office
b) locker room
c) coach's box
d) press box

feeling that occurs when words and their literal meanings run opposite
a) irony
b) aha moment
c) context
d) objectivity

telling a story sequentially: reporting events in order in which they occurred
a) logically
b) inverted pyramid
c) chronologically
d) building on excitement

gathering information prior to a contest to observe and communicate how a team or athlete is performing
a) doing your homework
b) backgrounding
c) getting on good terms with the coach
d) none of the above

Which of these are considered essential to a sports story?
a) when and where the contest will take place
b) quotes from coaches about the performances and what to expect
c) conference and overall records of both teams
d) All of the above

A sports feature . . .
a) is a hard-hitting story about a game
b) addresses subjects that readers would not be exposed to in basic news coverage
c) is another description of a basic game story
d) has no place in sports reporting

Which of the following is not usually found on the sports page?
a) columns
b) scorecard
c) sports features
d) crossword puzzles

What is in a scorecard?
a) fan reaction
b) quotes from coaches
c) quotes from players
d) scores, stats, rosters

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