Harriet Tubman Question Preview (ID: 35598)

Test On Harriet Tubman.

What injuries did Harriet have after being hit
a) She couldn't talk for the rest of her life
b) She had seizures for the rest of her life
c) She became blind
d) She had memory loss

What happened to Harriet at age 13
a) She ran away
b) She was hit by an iron weight
c) She was whipped for falling asleep
d) She was sold to another plantation

What job did Harriet have as a slave?
a) Cleaning the house
b) Watching children
c) Cooking
d) Picking cotton

How many brothers and sisters did Harriet have?
a) 2
b) 11
c) 9
d) 5

What state was Harriet born?
a) Massachusetts
b) Pennsylvania
c) Georgia
d) Maryland

What was Harriet's nickname
a) Minta
b) Minty
c) Tubby
d) Ara

What name did Harriet have when she was born?
a) Ms. Pulido
b) Araminta Ross
c) Martha Skelter
d) Harriet Carver

Who did Harriet marry?
a) Frederick Douglass
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) John Tubman
d) George Washington Carver

Who did Harriet rename herself after
a) her sister
b) her grandmother
c) her mom
d) her mistress

What was the problem with Harriet's first marriage
a) she was still a slave and could be sold away
b) her husband was sold away
c) she wanted to stay a slave and he wanted freedom
d) she was sold away

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