Scientific Method And Chapter 1 Question Preview (ID: 35589)

Scientific Method And Chapter 1.

Usually, these must eat a to obtain most nutrients.
a) Producers
b) Those that photosynthesize
c) Consumers
d) Plants

Which of the following scientific names is written correctly?
a) Homo sapiens
b) Homo Sapiens
c) homo sapiens
d) None of these

All of the polar bears (species) living in the Artic constitute a(an)
a) ecosystem.
b) community.
c) population.
d) biosphere.

The ability to maintain a constant internal environment is:
a) homeostasis.
b) physiology.
c) biology.
d) growth and development

Which of the following is the correct sequence, going from simplest to most complex, in the levels of structural organization of the human body?
a) cellular, chemical, tissue, organ-system, organism
b) organ-system, organism, tissue, cellular, chemical
c) chemical, cellular, tissue, organ-system, organism
d) None of these

The development of an experimental plan should NOT include:
a) a list of equipment needed for conducting the experiment
b) bias
c) a single variable
d) None of these, because all shoul

A scientist performed an experiment to see the effects of a scary movie on the heart rate of people watching the movie. In this experiment, the dependent variable is:
a) the movie
b) the scientist
c) the heart rate
d) the control

A scientific theory is:
a) not supported by facts and can be a common belief held by a few people.
b) supported by many trials from many different disciplines.
c) Both of these
d) None of these

What is the controlled variable or the control?
a) The variable that changes.
b) The variable that doesn't change in the experimental group.
c) The data that results from the data.
d) None of these

What is the independent variable?
a) The variable the scientist purposely changes.
b) The variable that never changes.
c) The data.
d) None of these.

If......then.... statement are how scientists write a(n):
a) Hypothesis
b) Experiment
c) Conclusion
d) None of these

Put the following steps of the scientific method in order: Write a conclusion, conduct an experiment, create a question.
a) Create a question, write a conclusion, conduct an experiment.
b) Write a conclusion, conduct an experiment, create a question.
c) Create a question, write a conclusion, conduct an experiment.
d) Create a question, conduct an experiment, write a conclusion

A tentative explanation for what was observed.
a) observation
b) conclusion
c) hypothesis
d) experimental (independent) variable

Something that you witness with you five senses is a(n)
a) theory
b) hypothesis
c) prediction
d) observation

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