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U.S. History, Imperialism ERA Test Review.

Yellow Journalist blamed the expolsion of USS Maine on
a) Africa
b) South America
c) Spain
d) Cuba

The United States paid 20 million dollars for which territory
a) Cuba
b) Wake Island
c) Guam
d) The Philippines

These were created within China in order to initiate trade in certain sections of China between European Nations, America and China.
a) Spheres of Influence
b) Platt Amendment
c) Open Door Policy
d) Chinese Exclusion Act

The name for sensational and often irresponsible new headlines and stories based on untrue facts is referred to as
a) yellow fever
b) yahoo journalism
c) bias
d) yellow journalism

Which was a result of the Spanish-American War?
a) Cuba became a Spanish protectorate
b) Spain admitted it had blown up the Maine
c) The Philippines won independence from foreign rule
d) Puerto Rico and Guam were made U.S. territories

Many people agreed with political humorist Mark Twain who commented, “I am opposed to having the eagle put its talon on any other land.” Mark Twain could be described as
a) an imperialist
b) an anti-imperialist
c) an environmentalist
d) a Roosevelt supporter

Also known as “big stick” diplomacy, this official American policy stated that any disorder in Latin America could force the United States to act as international police power in order to protect American economic interests. What is it?
a) Dollar Diplomacy
b) Moral Diplomacy
c) Roosevelt Corollary
d) Open Door Policy

All of the following countries came under some form of U.S. control as a result of the Spanish-American War except
a) Cuba
b) the Philippines
c) Hawaii
d) Puerto Rico

Alfred T. Mahan book The Influence of Sea Power upon History helped push the United States toward a position of world power by
a) convincing government officials to strengthen the U.S. Navy.
b) discouraging expansionism and trade with other nations.
c) preaching isolationism as a way to defend against foreign aggressors.
d) arguing for the elimination of the army in favor of the navy.

Which of the following did the United States insist that Cuba include in its constitution?
a) The Boxer Protocol
b) the Rough Riders
c) the Platt Amendment
d) the Roosevelt Corollary

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