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EOC U.S. History, Studying The Progressive ERA.

This Progressive settled over 90 anti-trust suits, saw the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendment, created the Department of Labor, and established an 8-hour workday. Who is this progressive being described?
a) William Howard Taft
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) William McKinley

This progressive reformer was a Wisconsin governor who instituted the direct primary, backed labor legislation, supported conservation, and created a federal commission system. Who is this reformer?
a) Robert La Follette
b) Jane Addams
c) Florence Kelley
d) Teddy Roosevelt

Journalist whose main goal was to expose and clean up corrupt business practices were called:
a) Yellow Journalists
b) Muckrakers
c) Anti-Progressives
d) Liberals

He was the first Progressive President of the United States. He also advocated a “Square Deal” for Americans. He switched parties and ran for President as a 3rd party Bull Moose candidate. Who was this man?
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) William McKinley
c) Teddy Roosevelt
d) William Howard Taft

What Progressive reform allows a voter to remove an elected official from office?
a) Referendum
b) Recall
c) Initiative
d) Australian Ballot

This 1914 legislation sought eliminate monopolies by strengthening federal laws against them:
a) Chinese Exclusion Act
b) Adamson Act
c) Clayton Anti-Trust Act
d) Underwood Tariff Act

In 1906, Teddy Roosevelt and Congress enacted federal laws to protect the consumer. This act was passed to ensure the quality of meat prior to consumption. What was it called?
a) Mann-Elkins Act.
b) Pure Food and Drug Act
c) The Meat Inspection Act
d) Government Regulations Act

Which US Amendment was started to collect income taxes from the general public?
a) 18th Amendment
b) 16th Amendment
c) 19th Amendment
d) 17th Amendment

Which Progressive President was known as “The Great Conservationist?”
a) William Howard Taft
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) William McKinley

What is the correct order of Progressive Presidents based on their term of office?
a) T. Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson
b) McKinley, Taft, T. Roosevelt
c) Wilson, McKinley, T. Roosevelt
d) Taft, Wilson, T. Roosevelt

In this incident 146 people died, many of them jumped to their death. This event caused safety standards to be passed outlawing overcrowding in buildings. What event is being described?
a) a Chicago slaughterhouse
b) Haymarket Riot
c) Pullman Strike
d) Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

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