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Three turtles swam in the pond.
a) Three
b) pond
c) swam
d) turtles

Molly and Jenny tried to finish a difficult puzzle.
a) Molly
b) puzzle
c) difficult
d) Jenny

Their mother made a delicious dinner.
a) mother
b) dinner
c) made
d) delicious

Did you see that green car race down the street?
a) see
b) race
c) green
d) car

George and Jessica shoveled the snowy sidewalk.
a) George
b) shoveled
c) sidewalk
d) snowy

Clean up this huge mess!
a) clean
b) huge
c) mess
d) up

The thief walked past the sleeping guard.
a) guard
b) sleeping
c) walked
d) past

Have you seen my blue pencil?
a) blue
b) my
c) pencil
d) have

Cheyenne cleaned the dirty window.
a) Cheyenne
b) window
c) dirty
d) cleaned

The playful chimpanzee swung on the rope.
a) playful
b) rope
c) swung
d) chimpanzee

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