Wintering Chapters 7-18 Question Preview (ID: 35576)

By William Durbin.

What did Little Cat make for Beloit?
a) Rabbit fur mittens and a hat.
b) A special medicine pouch.
c) Roast venison and wildrice stew.
d) A snowman.

What did Augustine do for the crew in the winter?
a) Told stories.
b) Piped a tune now and then.
c) Whittled things they needed including furniture.
d) All of these.

What happened to Andre, the dogsled expert?
a) He couldn't get the dogs to eat.
b) The dogs wouldn't pull much for him even if he cracked his whip,.
c) The dogs tricked him and left him in the wilderness alone.
d) The dogs ran and ran and saved him from freezing.

What happened to all the fish Pierre and Louie cleaned for the winter?
a) Red Loon thought Winabojo took them and hid them for a trick.
b) Potties raided the camp and stole them all,
c) Marie Antoinette ate them all.
d) They spoiled in an unexpected warm spell,

Who did McHenry marry?
a) Goodsky
b) Marie Antoinette
c) Red Loon
d) Clearsky

Who almost started a fight on Christmas Eve?
a) Beloit
b) Little Cat
c) Pierre
d) Red Loon

What woke Pierre up in the middle of the night in the cabin?
a) Beloit who tried to get in the wrong bed because he was drunk.
b) A log dried out and made a loud crack like a shot.
c) A gun when someone thought there was an intruder.
d) McHenry who wanted him to read him a bedtime story.

What game did Red Loon teach Pierre to play in the snow?
a) snow angels
b) snowball fight
c) snow snake
d) tag, you're it

What kind of pelts were brought in to pay for trade goods already received?
a) beaver
b) deer
c) moose
d) caribou

What job was McHenry teaching Pierre when he showed him how to keep track of trade goods given out?
a) commander
b) voyageur
c) clerk
d) guide

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